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Motion Graphics // Print // Video

The task was set by Stephen Willats he asked me to take inspiration from his magazine "Control" which he designed, created, and owns.

Transform the way people use this type of media through the use of another. In this case, it's Taking print media and transforming its message through motion graphics. 

After dissecting the magazine the next step was to come up with a theme revolving around control for my edition. A set of 5 or 6 words/sentences were devised to describe my idea of control. these then were the structure of my motion edition of the magazine. 

- Controlling uncontrolled minds – 

Is your mind your own? 

Where do your thoughts come from?

What controls the masses? 

Are you subconsciously controlled? 

Take Charge, Take control!

This was the finished outcome, this explores control through the use of the dissected magazine and the secondary topic of controlling the population's thoughts/minds subconsciously. for example, money, branding, music, and song lyrics and advertisement are all subconsciously shaping who you are and how your mind works.

NEW HERO IMAGE FOR Control 2?.png


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