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Branding / Website / E-commerce / UI

Project - This was an E-commerce website I worked on while working at Xanda.

Client - Rita Ora

Overview - Rita Ora asked us to create a modern and sleek website to display her new swimwear.


Outcome - I created the ORASWIM website muted palette to enhance focus on the swimwear and drive sales, but strong and stylish design style to give the modern feeling as requested. Design should feel as natural to use as other highstreet retailers like ASOS, NIKE and BooHoo 

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Weekly sprints

After each week-long sprint, we held meetings with the client.  Figma was used to directly collaborate with the client. This made it easy to walk the client through from concept to the final designs. 

Point Cards

After each sprint, I held retro meetings with Oraswims managers and stakeholders to reflect on achievements from the previous sprint and identify areas for improvement.


We jotted down points on cards in Figma, then collaboratively categorized and discussed
our thoughts.

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Responsive Design

The full design has 3 versions. Desktop, mobile and tablet. All other screens are catered for with breakpoints that I set with developers to respond to the other popular screen sizes from 4K screens down to the smallest smartphones.