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A Polymers Testament

About the project.

An interactive exhibition using giant art and eerie sound to raise awareness about plastic pollution and the importance of recycling.

My Role?

  • Research

  • Spatial Design

  • Editorial Design

  • Sound Design

  • Maker / Builder

  • Branding Design


About the Evolving Artwork

This exhibit lets you control the visuals created from waste plastic using a Shephard tone and adjusting liquid levels, giving plastic waste a new purpose.

About the Polymer Visualiser

I made a gadget that turns the sound of single-use plastic into designs you can see in real-time, using a Chladni plate on steroids and a Shephard tone.


Shephard tone, Made from plasticCalvin Power / James Neill
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What is the Shephard tone made from?

My Shephard tone is made from plastic found in the waterways and around my studio, at the Uni campus in Greenwich.

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How are the sounds created?

by experimenting with found plastic, cutting it, adding water and recreating its found situation.

Why am I using this sound?

The tone is like a never-ending pitch change, similar to how single-use plastic never decomposes.




About the Polymer Visualiser

An old single-use plastic cup is attached to a balloon and mounted on a speaker, which plays the Shephard tone and creates visual forms.

Images are captured by a camera from above and projected live, allowing the user to manipulate the visuals by adjusting the volume and liquid levels, which affects the visuals in real-time."

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Instructions - How to make your own visual

It is as simple as picking one of the four volumes available below. Press pause and take a screenshot on your current device.

Mac - Screenshot

CMD, Shift, 4

Win - Screenshot

Windows Key /
Shift / S



About the Monoliths

A structure made of old metal pipes and waterproof tarps featuring images connecting to the origin of plastic, sprayed with water.

As viewers walk through the overbearing structures, a Shepard tone surrounds them, and the works are further enhanced with the movement of wind from fans and water dripping from above.


The Monoliths - recycling containers

The Monoliths can be adapted into recycling containers. Displayed in plastic waste-heavy areas, starting at Isle of Dogs beach and Greenwich.

What is the purpose

To encourage recycling and raise awareness of the issue. The containers have a hole for plastic waste and a window to view the collected waste.


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About the posters

The posters aim to inspire the viewer with images of what can be created using recycled plastic.

Example Poster

Exhibition entrance features multiple informational posters to keep visitors engaged and informed.


About The Physical Collection

The successful images are printed and displayed. These prints can be purchased.

Example Poster

The users get to see their work here. I create A00 Prints from PET Sheets. Available on request.

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Big Wall Mockup copy1.png
A3 - 53.png

About Wall Signs & Floor Strips

Signage guides to exhibition sections. Floor strips guide through large spaces within the exhibition.

About The Wayfinding

Simple direction using consistent visual language. It incorporates colours and lines from the artwork.

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